Monday, December 22, 2008

The Urge - The Ultimate Rare Groove Experience

"Ladies and Gentlemen.Welcome aboard Air France flight 493 bound for Milan..."

This unique album concept first saw light of day in the 1970's as a rather unique way of promoting Air France. It consisted of a classy double album, given to passengers in flight so they could'extend their holiday vacation in a musical manner.
"Please fasten your seat belt and refrain from smoking while the no smoking sign is on..."
The music was basically traditional but also quite typical of each of the flights stopover points:
Just alittle Arabian for the Middle East, a touch of soul for the states, trendy pop for Britian and so on. Under the french lable title Escale Party, these give-away discs have become to-day's collector's items , keenly sought after both for their great originality and high musical quality.
"We hope you have enjoyed the in-flight entertainment. We are now preparing to land. The cocktail bar is closed and we will soon collect your headset. Above all, we look forward to the pleasure of greeting you again very soon on one of our airline's future flights."
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