Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ready.. Set.. PLAY!

We're honored and thrilled to announce the grand opening of the blog "That's What Friends are For". This will be the place for us to shout our insignificant manifests and hope that someone will listen.
We will use it as a platform for sharing our greatest love of all - music. Musical ventures, compilations, new excitements, nostalgic embarrassments and - beware - just mumbling.

Visit us and don't forget to let your voice be heard too, we love it and we love you.

We'll start with our latest hot-from-the-oven 2cd compilation, you'll find it on the next post..

Rock on!

1 comment:

Soulcat said...

Honored to be the first to comment..
For the sake of love.
For the sake of music.
Love you guys ~