Monday, April 20, 2009

Discolored by Picasso

I would like to give thanks for disco for saving my life by uploading this compilation of rare tracks.
Throw this one on at some point during the day and think of all the people you love, all of the great things in your life and all that is still to come.
This is the soundtrack to those thoughts.

So put on your flowing Halston dresses or shiny polyester Qiana shirts with pointy collars, preferably open at the chest and start dancing.

Track List:

01 I Can't Let Him Down - Love Unlimited
02 Ask Me - Ecstacy Passion & Pain
03 Soultana - Titanic
04 Who Is He And What Is He To You - Creative Source
05 Mellow Blow - Barrabas
06 Hooked For Life - The Trammps
07 I wanna Be Where You Are - M. Jackson
08 Cosmic Sea - Mystic Mood
09 Move Me No Mountain - Love Unlimited
10 Love Is A Funkey Thing - The Trammps
11 Tsop - MFSB
12 Down To Love Town - The Originals
13 It's Just Began - Jimmy Castor Bumch

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Diana Gloss said...

Orly G said...

DJ Picasso - you color my world!!