Monday, January 5, 2009

On the Air @ 106fm (July 2008)

Not much to say these days.. the world is challenging our beliefes, the climate responds to the unballanced atmosphere and the roofs of many innocent people are on fire. Let us pray for better days, sending positive energies to whom might need them.
May I suggest a little comfort in music, as it has its own megical powers of salvation.

This is one of the radio shows I broadcasted in 2008 on "Kol Hacampus" 106fm, it's one of my favorites mainly because the guest of honor in the studio was the one and only Temika!


01. Deadly Avenger – We Took Vegas
02. The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name
03. Blondie – One Way or Another
04. Midnight Juggernauts – Road to Recovery
05. Lindsron – I Feel Space
06. Tracy Thorn – Grand Canyon
07. Kelly Polar – Entropy Reigns (In The Celestial City)
08. Hercules And Love Affair – Hercules' Theme
09. Jamie Lidell – Figure Me Out
10. Breakestra - Burgundy Blues
11. The Bamboos Feat Alice Russell - Bring It Home
12. Unity - Dont Wanna Change (Aiff Remix)
13. J-Walk – Soul Vibration
14. Speedometer Feat Ria Currie - Am I Your Woman
15. All Good Funk Alliance – Agfa Theme
16. King Britt & Sylk 130 - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
17. Patchworks Ginger Xpress - Brothers On The Slide (Brooklyn Mix)
18. Thom Yorke – Eraser (Mixed By DJ Dixon)
19. Junior Boys – No Kinda Man
20. Massive Attack – Lately
21. Quite Village – Can't Be Beat
22. David McWilliams – Days of Pearly Spencer
23. Solal - Psycho Girls & Psycow Boys (Feat. Sam Bush & Melonie Cannon)
24. Terry Callier - Love Theme From Spartacus (Zero 7 Remix)
25. Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft – Try
26. Squirrel Nut Zippers - It Ain't You
27. Jamie Lidell – Green Light

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Temika said...

3 RS links.. don't give up :) said...
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you made me laugh with the blondie part :)
great show. loved the breakestra track.

תכנית ונציה said...
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netagonen said...

Temika rulls indeed